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Making Fire

Many people still have questions about the use and start-up of the TiGER FiRE. We take you along in the step-by-step plan so that it should be perfectly possible for everyone to make fire with a minimum of smoke and in a smooth way.

What is always important, and that's with everything that has to do with fire, is oxygen. Start by building a kind of tower or pyramid. Always use fine wood as well. A lot of people make the mistake of immediately adding large blocks of wood and that just doesn't work.

To light the fire we use twisted wood wool, a biological way of firelighters. Build your tower or pyramid until you reach the edge of the baking plate. 

Before we continue building completely, we must not forget to light the lower twisted wood wool.  Once the wood wool has taken its fire, it can ignite quietly. Halfway you lay a second twisted wood wool. Almost at the ceiling of the tower you put a last twisted wood wool in combination with some finer wood that ignites quickly. To create a nice flame you can finish by laying some fine wood around the tower.

Now it is perfectly possible to let the fire do its thing for 20 minutes. After that time you already have a very nice fire and your baking tray has already taken its first heat.

Another necessary thing to do when using a TiGER FiRE is to oil the baking plate. We do this to feed and protect the baking plate. The easiest way is to make a nice ring on the outside with oil and distribute it over the baking plate. You will see that the oil runs nicely to the middle. It is important that you use every piece and feed every piece. Don't forget, when your baking plate is oiled, to feed your fire by refilling the tower with wood.

You are ready to cook!

Let's go outside!

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Enjoy a delicious barbecue all year round, surrounded by the people you love.